Founded in 1993, Ahnex Builders was first registered in the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) as a single proprietorship with a paid up capital of Php 500,000.00. It was established to offer innovative and quality services essentially with concentration on Land Development.

And with its sincere commitment united with integrity, demands have expanded to wide range of general construction trades that deal with various structural plans and projects.

Driven by its social and community obligation to progress, it is the humble beginnings that inspired Ahnex Builders to become a better entity composed of the most credible and competent personnel as its support foundation.

With reliability attached to its proven quality services, it was recognized as an accredited member of the Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) with an “AAA” rating and engaged in general construction that eventually entered

into both private and public/government contracts, particularly with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

An overwhelming demand initiated by proven track record urged Ahnex Builders to establish a business partner carried by the name of Ahnex Ready Mix in December 2002.

The primary objective of Ahnex Ready Mix is to expedite the speedy completion of all projects entrusted without sacrificing the quality of its products and services.

Modified with the modern and advanced technologies, its batching plants (Cavite and Iloilo) provide ready mix supply directly to our own projects and business partners as well.

Globally competitive approaches and facilities, Ahnex Ready Mix ventured into more significant projects with Ahnex Builders that opened the

doors to more relevant recognition from other contractors & business partners in the industry.

Embarked with the irresistible requisites, Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation was recognized under the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on March 22, 2004, now with an authorized capital of Ninety Million Pesos (PHP 90,000,000.00)


Vision & Mission


Ahnex Builders and Ready Mix Corporation envisions a big, strong, and stable company with High commitment to its mission and be part of the leading construction companies, locally or internationally, and Notable in Land Development and other General Construction Services, and the production of Ready Mix Concrete with a trademark of QUALITY and with a seal of EXCELLENCE.


Ahnex Builders and Ready Mix Corporation is tasked to build structures engineered with Quality and Perfection; to uphold the Value of Professionalism, Competency and Customer Satisfaction in all aspects of its business dealings and services; to formulate and implement plans for its Continuing Growth and sustainable development; to uplift the Social and Economic wellbeing of its employees; to partner with the citizens towards Community Development and Progress; to contribute to the country’s economic progress towards a strong and stable nation; to work with Commitment towards Environmental, Health and Safety awareness; and in the fulfillment of its various tasks and responsibilities to be a law-abiding company.


Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation and its subsidiaries are fully committed in providing high quality construction products and services in an injury free, safe, secure and responsible manner with the minimum impact on the environment and minimal risk of pollution. The Company applies, maintains, and improves the Integrated Management System (IMS) in Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001) and Health and Safety (ISO OHSAS 18001) and ensure compliance to relevant QEHS applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, regulations and laws, and best practices.

The Company undertakes to provide Integrated Management System principles that are consistently applied by all employees and commitment to help achieve sustainable improvement of processes directed towards:


Achieving higher customer’ satisfaction with the quality of products and service we provide.


Strengthening Company’s position on the market;


Improving processes and procedures within the Company;


Reducing the environmental impacts of our activities/ processes, products and services;


Increasing the level of occupational health and safety of employees and reducing accidents and undesired events.

The Company is totally committed in achieving these objectives through the continual improvement of its IMS, and by clearly identifying, controlling, monitoring, and measuring the potential risk to our business.

The Company shall ensure that this policy is understood by all staff and made freely available to all interested stakeholders.

Our Partners


Panelmaxx Inc.

Founded in 2011, PANELMAXX, INC. is a subsidiary of Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation. Ahnex’s tie-up with a property development company led to the conceptualization of a company offering precast concrete products.


Bestland Investor Corp.

BESTLAND INVESTOR CORP. is a subsidiary of Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on the 3rd of October 2011 with business address at Buhay Na Tubig, City of Imus, Cavite.


Southlink Water Works Inc.

Southlink Waterworks Inc., is a corporation duly organized and registered with the Securities and    Exchange Commission on October 12, 2011, with principal business address at Buhay na Tubig, Imus City, Cavite.


Stonehub Inc.

A subsidiary of Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation, duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on September 11, 2014 with business address at Brgy. Guihaman, Leganes, Iloilo.

Ahnex Creed

AHNEX believes that people are the most valued assets. “I am a member of the AHNEX Family. To be an asset of the AHNEX Family, I should be among the best, because if I am not among the best, I don’t belong here.”
“I am proud because I belong to the AHNEX Family.”