With combined efforts of dedication and determination, Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation continuously soars the competitive world of construction industry.

Recognized to have the sophisticated and advanced facilities, our batching plants produce and offer only superior quality products and services that made us different from the others.

Aside from supplies of ready mix, Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation is also engaged in other General Construction services of Land Development and House Constructions. It also deals with projects related to Engineering art works and structural designs.

And determined to be the leader in industry, our company constantly upgrades its capacity and resources to maintain the value of professionalism, competency and customer satisfaction.

While intent for reasonable returns follows, sincere control and honest deals play a vital element of standard parameter for the Company. Success of the Company is guided by principles of respect and equality; while proceeds are shared of utmost dignity.

Products & Services


Planning and management of the construction of structures such as buildings, highways, railroads, bridges, dams and reservoirs. Each type of construction project requires a unique team to plan, design, construct and maintain the project. Thus, Ahnex Builders and Ready Mix Corp. has highly qualified engineers engage

in the design of structures, quality assurance and control, building and site layout surveys, on-site material testing, concrete mix design, cost estimating, planning and scheduling, safety engineering, materials procurement, and cost engineering and budgeting.

i. Land Development
ii. Earthworks
iii. Roadworks

iv. Waterline Distribution System
v. Drainage System
vi. Roads

vii. Bridges
viii. Slope Protection (riprap)
ix. Housing

x. Building & Industrial Plants
xi. Electrical Works
xii. Construction Team (Photos)


Ahnex Builders & Ready Mix Corporation -Quality Control (QC) Laboratory located at Barangay Pasong Camachile II, General Trias, Cavite is duly
accredited by the Bureau of Research and Standards (BRS) to undertake materials testing for government infrastructure projects. 

Tests conducted are:

Test on Soils and Soils Aggregates

Grading, plastic/ liquid limit, wash loss, moisture content, unit weight, fractured face, compaction (MDR) field density and abrasion

Test on Fine Aggregates

Unit weight, grading, wash loss, specific gravity, moisture content, absorption and clay lumps

Test on Bituminous Mix

Coring for thickness and density determinations of asphalt concrete pavement

Test on Concrete Hollow Blocks

Compressive strength, moisture content, thickness and absorption

Test on Concrete

Compressive/ flexural strength, slump test of fresh concrete and coring for thickness and strength determinations of Portland cement
concrete pavement and design mix


Supplier of quality ready mixed concrete providing quality products and services to the construction industry. This is manufactured under computer-controlled operations and transported and placed at site using sophisticated equipment and methods. Ready Mix Concrete assures its customers numerous benefits.

Batching-Plant Alapan Imus, Cavite

Batching Plant
Alapan Imus, Cavite

Batching-Plant Gen

Batching Plant
Gen. Trias, Cavite

Batching-Plant Leganes Iloilo

Batching Plant
Leganes Iloilo

Crushing-Plant Leganes, Iloilo

Crushing Plant
Leganes, Iloilo


Precast Concrete is a construction product prefabricated in a plant. It is casted horizontally in a mould; cured in the plant’s controlled environment to achieve necessary strength; and delivered on site for installation.

i. Panelmaxx Precast Plant